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Being one of the best energy efficient  LED Rechargeable Bulb,  some of its specifications are even distribution of lights in all directions, lightweight and easy to handle, easily serves the whole purpose of a home. 

Light Mode: 1

Brightness (LUX): 210LM

Max Runtime: 3hrs

BOX SIZE L*W*H - 80X80X150 mm


Product Weight: 130 GMS

IP Rating: IP20

Warranty: 1Years

With increasing Global Warming, adopting a lifestyle that supports the environment and cost-effectiveness has become a necessity in today’s life. Therefore, we have brought you Rechargeable LED Solar Light. It’s the best energy-efficient LED light that provides full coverage around the area when lit. The light distribution is directed equally in all directions. It is light-weight and easy to handle and doesn’t need maintenance. It serves the whole purpose of lighting your home, office or farmhouse. 

It consists of a solar panel to help you recharge the light during day time, thus saving your electricity bill. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and provides lighting for up to 3 hours. The size is bigger than the other LED Solar Light. Enwalk takes pride in being a torch manufacturer that supports environment-friendly products. Don’t keep thinking. Buy now and try now.

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Over million people around the world rely on enwalk solar products to Enlighting The Future